Before you begin to generate leads using Mailmunch on your website, you need to learn how to create appealing campaigns.

Mailmunch allows you to create eye-catching popover forms easily on your website. They convey your message and convert visitors into subscribers.

If you want to gain an understanding of the other types of campaigns, you may refer to our support guides for creating Embedded, Topbar, Scrollbox, Cover, Sidebar widget, Landing page, Broadcast, Autoresponder, Drip and Abandoned Cart campaigns.

To create a Popover Campaign, follow the few simple steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to your Mailmunch menu bar items on the homepage and select Campaigns.


Step 2: Click on the Create New Campaign button present in the top right corner of your screen.

Step 3: Click on the Form/Popup option from the different campaign types displayed.

Step 4: Select Popover from the different form types displayed.


Step 5: Browse through a variety of eye-catching templates. Hover over the template and click on the button which mentions Use Template in order to select it.


Step 6: Give a form title that describes your new campaign and select or create a list to add the subscribers from this form to. Click on the Start Building button.


Step 7: Design your campaign, and customize the template to your liking.


Step 8: To publish your form, toggle the PUBLISH FORM button. Click on FINISH to activate your form.


Step 9: That's it! Your Popover form is now ready, it will be displayed to your visitors on page load or exit depending on your Behavior settings.

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