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Creating a Fullscreen Cover Campaign
Creating a Fullscreen Cover Campaign
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Mailmunch allows us to display full screen pop-ups offering the highest conversion rates. A Cover form takes over your visitor’s screen and allows you to capture their attention by positioning your offer in front of them while sliding above the page content.

To create a Fullscreen Cover Campaign, follow the few simple steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to your Mailmunch menu bar items on the homepage, and select Campaigns.

Step 2: Click on the CREATE NEW CAMPAIGN button present in the top right corner of your screen.

Step 3: Click on the Form/Popup option from the different campaign types displayed.

Step 4: Give a form title that describes your new campaign, and select a list to add the subscribers from this form to. Click on the CONFIRM button to proceed.

Step 5: Select Cover from the different form types displayed. Browse through a variety of attractive templates. Hover over the template and click on the USE TEMPLATE button in order to select it.

Step 6: Design your campaign according to the steps provided, and customize the template to your liking.

Step 7: To publish your form, toggle the Publish this form button to blue. Click on the FINISH button to activate your form.

Step 8: That's it! The Fullscreen Cover form will now be displayed to your visitor at page load or exit depending on your Behavior settings.

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