Integrating MailMunch with Sendlane

Integrating MailMunch forms with Sendlane can be done in few quick and easy steps.

1) Access your Sendlane API Key, Hash Key and Subdomain in your Sendlane account as you will need it later. This information can be found in your Sendlane account under Account -> Developer.

2) Access your MailMunch account and navigate to the form editor you want to integrate with Sendlane.1.png


3) In the Integrate step, click on Sendlane logo and provide your Sendlane API key, Hash Key and Subdomain URL. Click on Save and Continue2.png

4) You can now select which list in your Sendlane account do want to sync subscribers generated through this form with. Assign tags to those subscribers. Map MailMunch form fields with your Sendlane list fields. 3.png

5) Click on Publish to finish setting up the Integration and you are done. Any new subscribers coming through this form will get synced with your Sendlane account. 

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