Add Your Site Code

Follow these steps to add a popup to your landing page. If you are a WordPress or Shopify user, skip this section.

Step 1: Get your MailMunch Site code, and copy it.

Step 2: Open your landing page, and click on Edit Page.

Step 3: Drag and drop an HTML box to your page, and paste the MailMunch site code that you copied earlier.

All your MailMunch forms should be working on this landing page now. If you do not want your other forms to appear on this landing page, then please add an exclusion display rule (do not show on URL exactly matching) to each form in the behavior step.

Open Popup on Button Click

Step 1: Edit your popup, and go to the last step. Then copy the code under Trigger on Click.

Step 2: Add a button to your landing page by dragging the button icon to your desired location.

Step 3: Paste the click trigger code to that button link.

Step 4: Click on done, and then save changes.

That's it! Your popup should now be working on a button click now.

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