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A PDF file can be offered to subscribers (also known as a lead magnet) upon subscription using our Files Tool. Files Tool can be used with opt-in forms, landing pages as well as email marketing campaigns.

This feature enables you to offer PDF files as lead magnets that would be available for download upon subscription.

Configuring Files Tool

  • To deploy the Files Tool, head to the Design or Content step when creating a campaign.

  • Drag and drop the Files Tool on to your desired location on the template.

  • Once your Files Tool is in place, click on it. This will show you the Tool settings. Here you can:

  1. Upload your file.

  2. Change the icon style.

  3. Customize your download button.

  4. Choose to show document preview.


Here is how you can use the Files Tool across various campaigns in MailMunch:

1. Through Opt-in Forms

  • Create a form in your MailMunch site.

  • After choosing a template, proceed to the Design step.

  • Navigate to the Success tab.

  • Drag Files Tool from the Content block and place it at your desired location.


2. Through Landing Pages

  • Create a landing page.

  • Proceed to the Design step, design your landing page.

  • Navigate to the Thank You page, and click on Edit Page.

  • On the Thank You page, simply drag the Files Tool and place it at your desired location.

  • Finally, click on the element to view and edit its properties. Click on Save Changes to move to the next step.

3. Through Autoresponder/Broadcast Emails

  • Create an Opt-in form or Landing page of your choice.

  • In the Success Message or Thank You step, inform the subscriber that the PDF will be sent to the email address they provided.

  • Select the subscribers list of your choice for the Opt-in Form/Landing Page in the Behavior/Information step.

  • Next, design an Autoresponder Campaign.

  • At the Content step, drag and drop the Files Tool at your desired location.

  • Proceed to the Audience step, and select the same list assigned earlier to the Opt-in Form/Landing Page.


Note: The maximum supported file size is 10 MB.

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