Connecting Shopify with Mailchimp using Mailmunch

Any customer recorded on your store gets synced with your Mailmunch account as a subscriber. You can have these subscribers get synced with your Mailchimp account by following these simple steps. 

1) Access your Shopify admin panel and click on Apps and then click on Visit the Shopify App Store


2) Search for Mailmunch and install our Mailchimp forms by Mailmunch Shopify app.


3) Complete the setup wizard. Once that is done, click on Mailchimp Forms by Mailmunch app to get redirected to your Mailmunch account.


4) Click on Connect with Mailchimp


5) Offer your Mailchimp account credentials in the dialogue box.5.png

6) Click on Allow to authorize your Mailmunch app to access your Mailchimp account.6.png

7) Click on Continue to carry on with creating a form, landing page, or an email campaign.7.png

8) Once you have your forms setup, click on Manage site button in the top left corner and then click on Shopify tab. You will see your Mailchimp account listed here along with a toggle button next to it. Click on this Toggle button to enable the store level integration.8.png

9) Once the Integration is enabled, you will see a Setting button. Click on it to customize your integration. You can now select which list your customers should get synced with, which fields you need to have mapped other than the Email field and if there are any tags you would like to have applied to these subscribers. 9.png


If you skipped setting up your Mailchimp integration in the app setup process, you can add Mailchimp integration on form level.

Once that is done, please complete step 8 and 9.

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