Integrating Mailmunch with Mailchimp

Once Mailmunch is set up on your site, you can follow these simple steps to integrate your Mailmunch forms with your Mailchimp account. Please refer to our Installation guide for setting up Mailmunch on your website. 


  • Click on Create New and then click on Form or Landing Page.


  • Select Form type. 


  • Choose a theme for the Form. 


  • Offer a Form title and select the Mailmunch list you want to assign to this Form.


  • After you have customized your form to your requirements, click on Mailchimp's logo in the Integrate tab.

  • Offer your Mailchimp username and password in the dialog box.

  • Once integrated, you will be able to see your Account Title. On this page, you also have the option to configure Mailchimp Double Opt-in, assign your Active Mailchimp list and tags for subscribers coming through this form, and map Mailmunch form fields with your Mailchimp list fields.


  • Once the integration is complete, you can test subscribe from your Mailmunch form on your website to validate the integration. After you have subscribed, access your Mailmunch account and click on the Subscribers tab. You will see your test subscription at the top of this list. You will see a Mailchimp update in the User Journey confirming that the contact has been synced to your Mailchimp list. 


If you do not see your subscribers reflected in your Mailchimp list, please refer to this support article for solutions to common issues. If you still face issues, create a ticket with our Support team.

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