Syncing MailMunch subscribers with your Shopify store

You can now add any subscriber captured through your MailMunch form with your Shopify store by following these few easy steps.

  • Access your MailMunch account. If you face any issues, please refer to this support article.

  • Click on Manage Site.


  • Click on Shopify. New users should have "Sync all your subscribers to your Shopify Store " option toggled on by default. If that is not the case, toggle this button so it turns green indicating that this feature has been enabled.


  • Go to your Forms. Click on your MailMunch form to access form editor. In the fields step, add first name and last field and mark them as required.

  • Shopify requires First Name, Last Name and Email address for any subscriber to be added to your store so these fields must be added to your MailMunch form and marked as required.

  • Open your Shopify store and test subscribe using your MailMunch form.


  • Access your MailMunch subscribers section. Click on the email address you just test subscribed with. 


  • You should see a log message listed here indicating that this subscriber has been synced with your store.


  • Access your Shopify customers section to confirm that this is the case. 


Only subscribers generated after this integration was set up will sync through an automated process. Subscribers created prior to this integration can be exported as CSV file and imported directly into your store.



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