How to change the email address for notification emails?

Daily / Weekly Summary Emails

Email address for weekly and daily summaries can be changed in the site management section. These emails inclue a daily or weekly summary of all the forms on your site.

Step 1) Open your site and click "Manage Site" link on top.

Step 2) Change the email address and click "Save Site". You can add multiple emails separated by a comma.


Notification Emails

If you want to get immediate notification emails whenever a new subscriber is added, you can do the following:

Step 1) Go to "Behavior" step and open "After User Subscribes" panel


Step 2) Enable the "Send Notification Email" toggle and add the email address you want. You can add multiple email addresses separated by a comma.

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  • Where to find the "Behavior" button?

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  • Hi Adel, Behavior step option can be found for each form int he form setup process as shown in the screenshot.

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