Install MailMunch with Google Tag Manager

You can install MailMunch through Google Tag Manager. Log into your Tag Manager. Click on the Account name you want to add MailMunch to. Create New or click on the Container you would like to use.


  1. Click New Tag

  2. Choose a Tag Name like MailMunch

  3. Select Tag Type: "Custom HTML Tag"

  4. Add MailMunch Site Code

    Paste the following site code. Make sure to put the correct Site ID.

    <script>document.write("<scr"+"ipt src=\"//\"id=\"mailmunch-script\" data-mailmunch-site-id='YOUR SITEID GOES HERE' async=\"async\"></scr"+"ipt>");</script>

    Please note "YOUR SITEID GOES HERE" should have your MailMunch Site ID Number.

    Once you have pasted the code, check "Support document.write" to enable it, then click Continue.

  5. Choose "All Pages" for Fire On

  6. Click Publish on top right

  7. Click "Publish Now" in the confirmation modal

  8. And we're done. Enjoy MailMunch! :)
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