Importing subscribers using a CSV file

You can now import your subscribers CSV file into your MailMunch account following by these simple steps.


1) Access your Subscribers section of the MailMunch account


2) Click on Import subscribers list.


3) Click on Upload CSV file

4) Select the file you want to upload

5) MailMunch will now parse your CSV file and let you choose a corresponding field for each column of your CSV file data


6) Select the MailMunch list these subscribers will get imported in from the drop down menu


7) Click on Import and the import process will begin. Upon completion you will be notified how many subscribers were successfully imported. The process time may vary on number of subscribers being imported


8) You are all done. Start sending your broadcast emails to turn your lead into your customers :)


Things to look out for

  • Make sure your CSV file is in correct format and the data is validated.
  • Only comma separated files (CSV) are supported. Any other field separator will cause an error.


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