Integrating MailMunch forms with Sendy

You can now integrate your forms with Sendy. To accomplish this task please follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. As the first step, login to your Sendy installation, click on "View all lists" on the left menu and then copy the "ID" of the list as shown below. This is the list where your subscribers will be added to.


  2. Create an opt-in form in MailMunch

  3. Go to the "Fields" Step and click "New Hidden Field" under "Add New Field".


  4. Add "list" as the name and paste the copied list ID as the value


  5. Click on the "Integrate" button and choose "HTTP Post". In the following popup, enter the url of your Sendy installation along with "/subscribe" at the end. E.g. if your Sendy installation is at, you would enter in the "HTTP Post URL endpoint" field.


  6. Once on the integrations page, make sure you don't change the "list" and "email" parameters.


  7. That's it. Click "Publish Form" and you're done.


How do I pass the Subscriber name to Sendy?

Though completely optional, Sendy allows you to pass the "Name" field for subscribers. In order to do so, follow these steps:

1. Add the "Name" field in the fields step

2. Goto the "Integrate" step and set the "Variable" name for the field to "name" (if it's different).


How do I pass additional custom fields to Sendy?

Sendy also allows you to pass custom fields and MailMunch totally supports that using the personalization tags. Let's say you have a field with the personalization tag, [Birthday,fallback=], you can map that with the MailMunch field by setting the "Variable" for that field in the "Integrate" step to "Birthday".

Here's an example of how the field mapping would work with email, name, and birthday:

Field name Personalization tag Variable name to use in MailMunch Required
Email  [Email,fallback=]  email Yes
Name  [Name,fallback=]  name No
Birthday  [Birthday,fallback=]  Birthday No 
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