Forms not showing in WordPress plugin

If your forms are not showing in your WordPress plugin, please make sure that you are not logged in as a guest user or under a different account.


If you are logged in to the correct account, then please login to your MailMunch account through our homepage.

If you can see duplicate domains for the same site added to your account, one with your forms and subscribers in it and one with no forms then here is what you need to do.

  1. Click on the duplicate site with no forms and subscribers in it

  2. Click on Manage Site

  3. Copy the "domain" from the form

  4. Delete this site

  5. Open the correct site with forms and subscribers in it, click on Manage Site and paste the domain you copied earlier into the respective field.

  6. Open your WordPress plugin now and you should be able to see your forms and subscribers there.


Our plugin is designed to lookup the your domain URL in your MailMunch account and if it does not find one, it will create a new one. So updating your security SSL (http to https) or changing your domain URL can cause this issue.

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