How to delete my account?

MailMunch accounts can only be deleted by creating a support ticket. This is because we don't want you to accidentally lose your subscriber data.

In order to have your account deleted here is what you need to do.

  1. Export your subscribers list as a CSV file from your subscribers section
  2. Create a support ticket with us for account deletion
  3. Make sure to mention the email address of your account in the ticket

We are sad to see you go but hope you will reconsider and use us again in future :)

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  • Never signed up for MailMunch and now can't figure out how to delete the account. I need eyes on this quickly or I'm contacting our state AG's office. BTW, I had to create a password to unsubscribe?

  • Edited by Saša Naprudnik
  • I would like to delete my account with Mail Munch. I don't need to send a csv file as i have very few subscribers. I do not want to be charged for another month! Please address this request asap!!

  • I don't want to use this app anymore. I found a better app. Please delete my account. The email for my account is

  • por error adquiri la cuenta oro y ahora necesito cancelarla porque ya me esta cobrando el primer mes en la factura de shopify , por favor ayudenme porque no la necesito , gracias

  • This is lame. You guys suck. Your pop-ups are still on my website and I cant access your app through Shopify.

    Edited by Michael Hoerner

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