Designing an Autoresponder Campaign

Click on the domain you want to create an Autoresponder campaign for and then click on the Autoresponder button. Click on New Email or Create First Autoresponder if you haven't created any campaign yet. 


1) Template

Select the type of template that best suite your requirement. 


2) Content

This is the main section of your Autoresponder email where you will be adding content to your email and customizing the content. There is no limit to customization of the content. We already have most of the tools available as stock to enable you to customize your email.



3) Subject

Subject line can be used to greet your new subscriber. There are several options such as First Name field or Last Name field available to personalize this email to an individual subscriber. This field needs to be collected through the form to make this work. If the user did not provide name, there is an option to choose a default value for missing field values.

Use your name or company's name as sender name. In the tab next to sender name, you will be shown the verified email addresses you have for this domain. If you do not have one, please type in an email address.


A message will be displayed asking you to verify your email address. A verification email will be sent to the email address you typed in. Once you click verify through that email and you are prompted of successful verification, return to this step and click on Click Here. 

4) Audience

In Audience step you need to select your MailMunch list. Only Subscribers in these lists will get this Autoresponder. You can have different lists assigned to different forms and you can design different Autoresponder campaign for each form by selecting different audience for each campaign.


5) Send

In Send step you will be shown the final outlay of the email.You can send a test email to the email address set as senders email address. You can save and finish as a draft or start the Autoresponder campaign.

The footer text is added by default and it will show the domain name you have set for your domain in the Manage Site section.

Unsubscribe link is there to set the status as unsubscribed in your list. It will not delete the subscriber from your list. It will only change the status to unsubscribed and when followup emails are available, any followup email campaign wont be sent to that user.




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