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The Redesigned Mailmunch
Campaigns - The Redesigned Mailmunch
Campaigns - The Redesigned Mailmunch
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Mailmunch has revamped the interface to provide an optimal user-friendly experience - aesthetically pleasing, comprehensible, and responsive.

We aim to design an interface that is easy and fun to use, and doesn’t pose complications.

With an absence of ambiguity in visual hierarchy and content, strong navigation enables users to perform tasks with minimum effort and time.To help users achieve their defined goals efficiently and satisfactorily, we have ensured that all the features are conveniently accessible to them.

Campaigns page is repositioned from the left menu panel to the top of your screen.

Following are the updates in the Campaigns page.

  • Ongoing

  • Draft / Inactive

  • Completed

  • Archived

  • A/B Testing

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