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User Guide to Getting Started with Mailmunch Automations
User Guide to Getting Started with Mailmunch Automations
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Mailmunch allows you to create automation journeys to retarget individual customers, and drive them to convert.

Automation Journey

An automation journey is a sequence, or flow that is set in motion by a specific trigger followed by a few steps. This allows you to send timely emails to the recipients, and enable brands to personalize their communication. You can trigger these communications to your prospects based on specific dates, durations, behavior, the information you have about your leads, and how they engage with your previous communications.

Advantages of an Automated Journey Builder

Mailmunch Journey Builder is one of the most important features for automating your marketing efforts and giving a personalized experience to your customers.

  1. Increased customer engagement

  2. No technical expertise required

  3. Diverse touch-points for greater engagement

  4. Efficient and saves time

  5. Highly personalized experience

Types of Triggers

Every automation flow has a trigger that sets the flow in motion. Someone will qualify to enter the flow as soon as they meet the trigger action.

1. Checkout Created

This trigger allows you to create a journey for users who are starting their checkout process. You can add triggers to add thank you emails if they complete their purchase, or cart abandonment emails if they abandon their carts and don’t complete their checkout process.

2. Contact Created

This trigger allows you to create a journey when a new contact is created in the store, or when someone is added to your email lists. You can send them a welcome email, add timers to send them emails about discounts and coupons after some delays, and send them your products to entice them to make a purchase.

3. Tag Assigned

This trigger allows you to segment your contacts based on the tags, and then send your emails accordingly.

4. List Assigned

This trigger allows you to segment specific emails to specific lists and trigger your actions accordingly. Lists can be used for emailing, adding prospects to nurture programs, subscriptions, and segmentation.

Features of the Automation Journey Builder

Mailmunch Journey Builder allows you to plan the design and automation of your campaigns with a simple drag and drop builder. It allows you to guide your customers throughout their journey and interactions with your brand.

1. Journey Splits

Journey splits allow you to split your email campaigns into different journeys based on their interaction with your brand. With journey splits, you can have multiple options for your customers to give them personalized content.

2. Add Custom Delays

This feature allows you to configure the timing, and add custom delays to the emails you are sending out to your customers. You can also schedule delays based on customers’ behaviors.

3. Analytics and Insights

Automation journey builder provides you with insights and analytics to remain on top of all your campaigns. With detailed analytics like opens, clicks, and sent emails, you can have an overview of all your email campaigns in one place.

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