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User Guide to Getting Started with Mailmunch Shopify Store Pages
User Guide to Getting Started with Mailmunch Shopify Store Pages
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Shopify Store Pages

Shopify Pages by Mailmunch enables you to build and design customized web pages for your Shopify store with an intuitive drag and drop builder. Shopify Pages are designed to help you build the perfect business, with minimum effort and time, it also helps build brand loyalty and increased customer retention.

Advantages of Mailmunch Shopify Store Pages

  • Ease of use

  • Variety and customization

  • Decreased cart abandonment

  • SEO-friendly pages

  • Increased conversion rates

  • Decreased bounce rates

  • Optimized for different devices

  • In-depth analysis

Mailmunch allows you to create beautiful pages to easily add content to your Shopify store pages.

1) Product Pages

Your product page should show off your product with appealing images, variants, prices, shipping options, beautiful descriptions, and coupons to intrigue the customers. With Shopify Product Pages, you can add all these to your product page to make it stand out, and convert your visitors into paying customers.

2) Collection Pages

Collection pages are a place where you organize all the categories of your products. With Shopify Collection Pages, you can customize the appearance of your collection page, it also gives an overview of your products to your customers.

3) Home Pages

Your home page is the most important part of your Shopify store. With Shopify Home Page, you can build and customize a home page that gets the most love and attention from your potential customers, and gets them to further navigate on your site.

โ€‹4) Password Pages

Whenever a new Shopify store is created, it is automatically password-protected. When someone accesses your store URL, they will be greeted with the Password Page. With Shopify Password Pages, you can customize this page by including email subscription forms, offers, incentives, or countdown timers so that visitors can look forward to when your store opens up.

Start customizing your Shopify store to provide your customers with a highly personalized experience that they can relate to, compelling them to buy from you!

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