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How to trigger a popover form with a CTA button?
How to trigger a popover form with a CTA button?
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When a user visits your website, while the traditional popups are surely attention grabbing, the clickable buttons that trigger a popup are highly effective as they result into engagement. The users are more likely to sign up for your offer, as they showed interest for the popup's content by voluntarily clicking on the button on your site.

In this article, you’ll learn how to use the Trigger Tab feature to show a campaign.

Mailmunch helps you set this up in a matter of minutes. Follow the easy steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Login to your Mailmunch account. Create, or edit an already existing popup form.

Step 2: In the Appearance step of the builder, click on the Trigger Tab present in the left menu panel.

Step 3: Toggle the Trigger Tab button to blue, this will add a sticky button to your site to trigger popup forms.

Step 4: Customize the button to your liking.

  • Tab Text represents the text shown on the trigger button. Type the name of your button in the text bar. A simple call-to-action example is "SIGN UP".

  • Text Color represents the color of the text on the trigger button. Click on the color box for, and select a color for the text on your button.

  • The Font represents the font of the text on the trigger button. Click on the drop-down menu, and select a font for the text from the options available.

  • Style represents the outlook of the trigger button. There are four options available. Click on a style for the trigger button in order to select it.

  • The Position represents the location on the screen for the trigger button to appear. Simply click on the arrow to select a position. You may also click on the Upload Image link to add an image.

  • The Background Color represents the color of the trigger button. Click on the color box, and select the color for the trigger button.

Step 5: In the Behavior step, ensure that the toggles for Show on Page Load, Show on Exit, and Don't show on First Visit are switched off.

Step 6: Once you've designed your template, publish your campaign. To publish your form, toggle the Publish this form button to blue. Click on FINISH to activate your form.

That's it! The trigger button has been created, the popup form will now be displayed as soon the visitor clicks on the SIGN UP button.

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