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GDPR: Add Consent Checkbox to Landing Pages
GDPR: Add Consent Checkbox to Landing Pages
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One of the requirements of GDPR is that you should get explicit consent from your subscribers. This feature will let you add a consent checkbox to your MailMunch Landing Pages.

To add a consent checkbox, follow the few simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Create a new Landing Page, or edit your existing one.

Step 2: In the Design step, click on any email field present on your template.

Step 3: Click on the Add New Field button, and the drop-down menu will display several field options that are available. Select the Subscriber Consent option or add a new field.

Step 4: Click on the Subscriber Consent edit icon.

Step 5: Update the field, you can change the legal text for the consent field in the Options (One Per Line) textbox. Make sure that this is a Required Field.

Step 6: The consent field can be hyperlinked using HTML. Make sure to link to your own privacy policy and terms & conditions.

For your ease, copy and paste the following code:

I agree to <a href="your URL here" target="_blank">Terms of service</a>and <a href="your URL here" target="_blank">Privacy Policy</a>

Note: We recommend copy-pasting of the code provided above, and adding your custom URLs to the template to negate manual data entry errors.

Step 7: Click on the Update Field button to save the changes made.

That's it! The consent field will be added to your form.

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