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How to create a Landing Page on Shopify Store?
How to create a Landing Page on Shopify Store?
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Landing pages are designed for different reasons, including but not limited to, send traffic from ad campaigns to sell products, and collect email addresses. Landing pages are designed with a specific purpose in mind which differentiates it from any other webpage. Having fewer clickables on your landing page increases conversions, as there are fewer distractions that carry visitors away from the call to action.

To create a Landing Page on Shopify, follow the few simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Create, and design your Landing page.

Step 2: In the Information step, enter your PAGE NAME, it will be used as an internal title for your Landing page.

Step 3: Enter your PAGE PATH, this is a part of the URL of your page. For example, if we use sample landing page as the PAGE PATH, the URL of your page will be as such,

Step 4: In the Publish step, click on the Publish to Shopify button.

Step 5: Copy the short URL as displayed in the attachment below. Click on the Finish button to activate your Landing page.

That's it! Once your Landing page is published, you can now promote and share your page on the social media.

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