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Gated content is any content that your visitors can access, but only after providing their own email address or any other required information. Content Gate is a premium feature with our popup forms, and when enabled, a visitor to your webpage will have to subscribe before they can have access to your content.

Content Gate does not present the user with an option to close the form, and only subscribing to the form will allow access to the page. It's great for offering content upgrades, or paid content on your site.

Mailmunch allows you to gate your content using the popup forms, follow the easy steps mentioned below to enable the content gate feature.

Step 1: Create, or edit an already existing popup form.

Step 2: Navigate to the Appearance step of the form editor, and click on the Close Button tab present in the left menu panel. Switch the Content Gate toggle to blue, this enables the gating of your content.

Step 3: Once you've activated the content gate, navigate to the Behavior step of the form editor. In the left menu panel, set the value of FREQUENCY to 0 days, this will ensure that the popup will be displayed on every visit to the visitors who haven't subscribed as of yet.

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