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How to embed a form on WordPress post or page?
How to embed a form on WordPress post or page?
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For WordPress users, there are two options through which they can display their embed forms on posts and pages.

1. Form Placement

  • URLs containing: This can be used to display the embed forms on specific blog posts, or pages on which the URLs containing a keyword like "/beauty-tips" can be included or excluded. Follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: In the Behavior step, scroll down, and expand the Display Rules in the left menu panel.

Step 2: Click on the NEW DISPLAY RULE button, enter information for your form placements. You can either select the option of only show on, or don't show on for URLs containing, exactly matching, starting with, ending with, and matching RegEx.

  • Multiple Form Placements: By default, our WordPress plugin automatically embeds a form at the end of your posts or pages. If you plan to use a short-code or html embed code to embed the form at specific location, make sure you select the pages on which you want the form to show on. If no rules are added, it will show on all pages.

  • WordPress Categories: This can used to show embed forms on posts that are within your selected WordPress categories. You can use Category name, or the Category ID assigned by WordPress.

  • WordPress Posts: This rule can be used to target certain posts by Post ID in case you do not have categories for your blog posts.

2. Shortcode or HTML code

The other option to display an embed form on certain posts or pages is to paste the short code or html code manually. Follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: In the Publish step of the form editor, switch the Publish this form toggle to blue.

Step 2: Copy the code, and paste this any where you want the form to appear on your WordPress.

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