As GDPR goes live, it is important for you to get consent from your existing European subscribers. In this tutorial, we will show you how to get this consent.

For the new subscribers, you can add a consent checkbox to your MailMunch opt-in forms.

Learn more: GDPR: Add Consent Checkbox to Forms

Step 1: Go to your Subscribers page and enable these filters. These filters will get you all the European subscribers who have not yet given their consent.


Step 2: Type a name for your new segment, something that you can easily remember later. Click on the Save Segment button to save it.


Step 3: Click on the Get Consent button. This button will only appear when you select the segment created above.


Step 4: Choose a friendly template from the options provided to get consent from your subscribers.


In the template, you can use the following variables to link to the preferences page.

#{{{email_preferences_url}}} => this will link to the preferences page where they can manage their preference

#{{{email_consent_url}}} => this will link to the consent page where their yes consent will automatically be saved

#{{{email_unsubscribe_url}}} => this will link to the unsubscribe page where they will automatically be unsubscribed

Step 5: In the Audience step, choose the segment that you created above. This will ensure that we only ask for consent to European subscribers who have not yet given their consent.


Step 6: Click on the Review step to preview the final outlay of the consent email. You can send a Test Email to the verified email addresses in your account.


Step 7: In the Finish step, click on the Save Draft button to save or the Send Now button to send the consent email to subscribers in your selected segment(s).


Step 8: That's it! We will deliver your consent email and record consent from the subscribers who choose to take action. The proof of consent will be shown on the Subscribers page.

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