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How to connect Shopify with Mailchimp using Mailmunch?
How to connect Shopify with Mailchimp using Mailmunch?
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Any customer recorded on your store gets synced with your Mailmunch account as a subscriber. Follow the few easy steps mentioned below to have these subscribers get synced with your Mailchimp account.

Step 1: Navigate to your Shopify admin panel, and click on the Apps tab.

Step 2: Click on Visit the Shopify App Store button present in the top right corner of your screen.

Step 3: Search for Mailmunch.

Step 4: Click on the Mailchimp Forms by MailMunch Shopify app.

Step 5: Click on the Add App button to proceed.

Step 6: Click on the Install App button at the bottom of the screen to install the app.

Step 7: Complete the setup wizard. Once that is done, click on Mailchimp Forms by Mailmunch app to get redirected to your Mailmunch account.


Step 8: Click on the Connect with Mailchimp button.


Step 9: Enter your Mailchimp Username and Password in the dialog box.


Step 10: Click on the Allow button to authorize your Mailmunch app to access your Mailchimp account.


Step 11: Click on the Continue button, and start building your campaigns.


Step 12: Click on the Site Settings link present on the bottom left of your screen, and then click on the Shopify tab.

Step 13: Scroll down, and you will find your Mailchimp account listed there. To enable the store level integration, toggle the button along with it.

Step 14: Click on the Settings button to customize your integration. On this page, you will be able to see your Account Title. You also have the option to configure Mailchimp Double Opt-in, assign your Active Mailchimp list and tags for subscribers, and map Mailmunch form fields with your Mailchimp list fields.


Note: If you skipped setting up your Mailchimp integration in the app setup process, you can add Mailchimp integration on form level.

Once that is done, please complete the steps 11, 12 and 13.

Learn more about the new Shopify Page Builder by Mailmunch.

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