To place a beautifully designed MailMunch Popup form with a button on your site, follow the easy steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Access your MailMunch account through your Mailchimp Forms by MailMunch WIX app and create a popup form.


Step 2: Copy the URL offered in the Publish step for the popup form. You will need it later.


Step 3: Go to your WIX editor, and edit the page where you wish to display the popover form with a button click, and then click on Add-->More-->Button.


Step 4: Place the Button at your desired location, style the button as per your requirements, click on the link, add the URL you copied earlier, click on the New Window option, and then click on the Done button.


And that's it! Publish your site for the changes to be reflected, and start collecting leads through your newly created Popup Form.


If you wish to display this popup form only with a button click, remove all other display options for the form in the Behavior step.

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