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Offering Discount Coupon Codes to Shopify Customers
Offering Discount Coupon Codes to Shopify Customers
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After creating Discount Coupons in your Shopify Mailmunch app, you can offer these discount codes to your subscribers for upcoming or ongoing promotions through one of the following ways.

Option 1. Autoresponder

You can create an Autoresponder email and add the code in the content of that email. When someone subscribes to your form, this autoresponder will be triggered and the subscriber will receive the code in their inbox.

Step 1: In the Design step, drag and drop the COUPON content block to the preffered location on the form as shown below.

Step 2: Click on the SELECT A COUPON CODE field on your form, an edit panel will then appear on the left side of your screen which displays all the content features that you can design, customize and edit according to your requirements.

When a visitor is added to the associated list, an Autoresponder email carrying the discount code will be triggered.

This is how an Autoresponder Email with a Master Coupon Code will appear to the user.

In the case of Dynamic Coupon Codes, real-time generated codes will be deployed to the users that are unique for every customer.


Option 2. Form’s Success Message using the Spinwheel Tool

You can add the coupon code in the Success message for the form using our Spinwheel Tool. Upon subscription, the code will be revealed to the subscriber after the Spin, in the Success message.

While setting up a Spinwheel Tool, Coupons can be associated with segments through the ‘Configure Options’ settings.

Using the dropdown Coupon menu, you can choose Coupon Codes corresponding to the respective segments. Win text, label, probability, and other settings can also be configured here.

After selecting the coupon codes, navigate to the Success message. In a text field, add the Merge Tags for Win Text and Discount Coupon.

Note: If you are displaying the code in the success message for the form, then make sure that you do not have a redirect URL added in the Behavior step for the form.

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