Offering discount coupon codes to your subscribers can play a mutually beneficial role in complementing brand revenues while enhancing customers' buying experience.

To create a new discount coupon for Shopify stores, please click on the COUPONS tool in your Mailmunch account. Click Here to learn more about how to create a new discount coupon.

In this article, we’ll learn how to send the created discount codes to the subscribers for your ongoing or upcoming promotions using the Autoresponder campaign feature.

Autoresponder is an automated welcome email that can be used to send out Coupon codes to your intended audience. Autoresponder campaigns will be triggered as soon as someone subscribes to your form and an email with the discount code will be sent to their inbox.

Step 1: Design a new Autoresponder campaign, or access an already existing campaign.

Step 2: Once you’re in the content editor, select the COUPON tool, and drag it to an appropriate position on your email template.

Step 3: Click on the SELECT A COUPON CODE box. Select the discount coupon that you created earlier from the dropdown menu under the COUPONS panel.

Step 4: Click on Save & Continue to save the changes made to the Autoresponder campaign.

Step 5: Proceed to the Review step, click on the Finish button to activate the Autoresponder Campaign.


That is it. Your new subscribers will start receiving an automated welcome email with the discount coupon code added in the email.

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