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How to offer Discount Coupon Codes to the Customers?
How to offer Discount Coupon Codes to the Customers?
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Offering discount coupon codes to your subscribers may play a significant role in generating increased brand revenues while enhancing their buying experience by providing them with an incentive to buy at a lower price. This is beneficial to both parties.

In this article, you’ll learn how to offer the created discount codes to the subscribers for your ongoing or impending promotions. Mailmunch allows you to insert coupons in your Autoresponders and Thank You Message Forms.

Option 1: Autoresponder

You can create an Autoresponder email, and add the code in the content of that email. When someone subscribes to your form, this autoresponder will be triggered and the subscriber will receive the code in their inbox.

Note: Real-time generated codes cannot be added to the form or the Autoresponder email. This code needs to be added manually and needs to be a static code.

Option 2: Form Thank You Message

You can add the coupon code in the success message for the form. Upon subscription, the code will be revealed to the subscriber in the success message.

Step 1: Create a form.

Step 2: Navigate to the Design step in the form editor.

Step 3: Click on the Success button.

Step 4: Drag and drop the COUPON content block to the preferred location on the form as shown below.

Step 5: Click on the SELECT A COUPON CODE field on your form, an edit panel will then appear on the left side of your screen which displays all the content features that you can design, customize and edit according to your requirements.

Note: If you are displaying the code in the success message for the form, then make sure that you do not have a redirect URL added in the Behavior step for the form.

Offering discount coupon codes to customers is currently a Shopify-specific feature.

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