A personalized favicon gives your brand a consistent look and improves brand awareness and recognizability. Just like your logo, a favicon gives your users something to remember you by. Favicons can help your landing pages stand out and become memorable.

Open your MailMunch account and click on ‘Manage Sites’ on the top left corner.


In the ‘General Tab’ go to the Favicon field and choose your logo, icon or any image asset you’d like to use as a favicon. Your favicon must be a minimum 52×52 and no larger than 300×300, and the image has to be square. PNG and JPEGs are supported.

#{{Once you've selected your favicon, click Save Site button at the bottom of this page.}}


Once selected, go and create your landing page. When you publish, you’ll be given a short URL to share your page. If you click on that URL, you’ll see your landing page open with your new custom favicon.

mailmunch landing page builder

It’s that simple. Build your own landing pages and give them a level-up in branding using custom favicons.

Before custom favicon


After Favicon


If you prefer, you can also watch this short MailMunch tutorial on how to give your landing pages a custom favicon.

If you want to create your own Favicon using your brand assets, you can use one of a dozen free favicon generators available on the web, and then upload them to your MailMunch account.

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