Why is my email report delayed?
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Having an insight into how your emails are being processed and engaged with is the key to having a successful email program. Email reports are scheduled to be sent as soon as the data is available. In some cases however, they may not be sent on the expected day.

Here are a few reasons why an email report may be sent with a delay:

When sending a campaign with Mailmunch, the emails first get queued to be sent out at a scheduled date and time. When the executed campaign has been sent out from the email queue as expected, you'll observe the campaign status to be marked as sent.

As emails are sent and recipients interact with them, the events are triggered within Mailmunch. An opened email is the first step towards the action you want your recipient to take. If a user has not opened any email yet, this may take some time, as there will be no open events logged.

First, there is a minimum threshold of events which must be recorded, and then the campaign report starts getting populated. Each event recorded is indexed against each contact as well. This process may take some time.

You can typically expect an hour of delay before your report gets updated, given there were events recorded during that time period as well. If there has been a delay of more than 24 hours, please reach out to the support so we can have this issue looked into.

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