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Creating a Mobile Optimized Exit-Intent Popup Form
Creating a Mobile Optimized Exit-Intent Popup Form
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Mobile Exit-Intent is highly effective at recapturing the visitor's attention when they are leaving your website from their mobile phones. The exit-intent popups are attention-grabbing and they help retain the users, thereby increasing your chances of a successful conversion.

It is an evolution of our desktop exit-intent technology, and instead of tracking the mouse movements on desktop devices, the mobile exit-intent popups are triggered by any of the following actions:

  1. Switching tabs – if the subscriber hit the Tabs button to switch pages;

  2. Hitting the back button – when a subscriber tries to go back one page;

  3. And Entering a new URL – or when a subscriber taps on the address bar to enter the new URL

Mailmunch allows you to create eye-catching popover forms easily on your website. They convey your message and convert visitors into subscribers. If you need help with creating your campaign, check out this resource on Creating Your First Campaign - Popover Form.

In the Behavior step, you’ll turn this popover into a Mobile Exit-Intent Popup Form.

Step 1: Disable the Show on Page Load toggle, and ensure that the Show on Exit toggle is enabled. These are present in the When to Show option in the left menu panel.

Step 2: Click on the Display Rules container to expand, and view the options available. If you want the form to appear only on mobile devices, enable the Mobile device option, and disable the Desktop and Tablet device options by clicking on them. This action makes your popover mobile-specific.

And that’s it! Once you’re done making these selections, publish your form and start tracking the mobile exit intent.

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