Step 1: Create a signup form, select one of the different campaign types such as the Popover, Embedded, Topbar, Scrollbox, or Cover.

Step 2: In the Design step, select the SPIN tool, and drag it to the required position on the form.


Step 3: Once the spinwheel is on your form, click on Configure Options. Through these settings, the spinwheel tool can be highly customized.

  • Win/Lose: Option dictates the winning options. Spinwheel will never stop on an option that is toggled off.

  • Label: Label is the text that will appear in the respective segment on the wheel.

  • Coupon: Lets you associate a coupon code with any of the winning options. This coupon can be revealed to the subscriber in the Success Message of the form.

  • Win Text: Win text will be displayed in the Success Message for the form for each respective segment. Use this to announce the winnings to the subscriber.

  • Probability: Probability controls which option is more likely to be selected from among the winning segments.

  • Number of Options: Controls the total number segments which will be added to the spinwheel.

  • Select Color: Color pallet for spinwheel can be selected from the Select Color option.


Step 4: On the Success page, add the Merge Tags in the text block to announce the Winning Text and Coupon if applicable.

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