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User Guide to Getting Started with Mailmunch
User Guide to Getting Started with Mailmunch

Campaign Types - Complete Lead Generation Toolkit

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Mailmunch offers a complete lead generation toolkit that helps you collect leads and provide your users with a more engaging experience with your brand.

Mailmunch offers multiple features to assist you with crafting your offers on your website. Instructions for how to create the different types of campaigns are given below.

Forms and Popups

Mailmunch allows you to grab your site visitor’s attention with captivating opt-in forms, designed to show exactly when a user is likely to convert.

1) Popover

Popups are designed to catch attention, they convey our message and increase sign-ups. We can personalize our campaigns by user intent with different triggers. We can set advanced display rules to dictate well-timed lightboxes to enhance our conversion rates. We can track the exit intent and display pop-ups to capture visitors’ attention before they leave.

Mobile Exit-Intent is highly effective at recapturing the visitor's attention when they are leaving your website from their mobile phones, thereby increasing your chances of a successful conversion.

2) Embedded

An embedded form is created and displayed as a part of our own webpage. An attractive embed form serves as a classic way to collect leads.

3) Top bar

These are small banners displayed as bars on the top of our webpage, we can choose for it to move as the visitor scrolls. A top bar serves as an ever-reliable and non-intrusive way to collect leads. These are generally used for broad offers and are a more permanent feature for conversion.

4) Scrollbox

Scroll boxes appear when a visitor scrolls your webpage. These are super friendly forms that appear once a user has scrolled a selected percentage of our web page indicating their interest.

5) Cover

These are full-screen pop-ups offering the highest conversion rates. A Cover form takes over your visitor’s screen and allows you to capture their attention by positioning your offer in front of them while sliding above the page content.

6) Sidebar Widget

A Sidebar Widget is an eye-catching form used to maximize lead collection. It is displayed on the left side of your webpage.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are designed to send traffic from ad campaigns to sell products, collect email addresses, and a lot more. Landing pages are designed with a specific purpose in mind which differentiates them from any other webpage. There are only relevant links present on the landing page. The decrease in distracting clickables that divert visitors’ attention away from the call to action results in an increase in conversions.

Email Marketing

Mailmunch offers us hundreds of customizable templates to create, design and send email newsletters that boost conversions.

1) Broadcast Emails

Broadcast emails deliver our message to all our subscribers at the same time with a single email design. These are best used to strengthen our relations with subscribers through email newsletters or for boosting sales through email promotions.

2) Autoresponder Emails

An autoresponder email is triggered when someone subscribes to your specified list on MailMunch. It can be used for a variety of use cases such as the welcome email, coupon code email, and content upgrade email. Also, it cannot be sent to users created before the campaign went live or for sending out follow-up emails.

3) Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaigns are an automated set of marketing and behavioral emails that are triggered on a periodic schedule or specific user actions. The primary objective of an effective email marketing strategy is to deliver the right information to your subscribers in a timely manner so they commit to your call to action.

4) Cart-Abandonment Emails

Abandoned-Cart Email Campaigns are an automated set of follow-up emails that are triggered on a periodic schedule. The primary objective of this email sequence is to recover abandoned carts by notifying and reminding the shoppers who made their way to your checkout page, encouraging them to return, and enticing them towards completing their purchase.

5) Automations

Mailmunch allows you to create automation journeys to retarget individual customers, and drive them to convert. An automation journey is a sequence, or flow that is set in motion by a specific trigger followed by a few steps. This allows you to send timely emails to the recipients, and enable brands to personalize their communication. You can trigger these communications to your prospects based on specific dates, durations, behavior, the information you have about your leads, and how they engage with your previous communications.

Shopify Store Pages

Mailmunch allows you to create beautiful pages to easily add content to your Shopify store pages.

1) Product Pages

Your product page should be appealing to your customers. It should show off your product with great images, variants, prices, shipping options, beautiful descriptions, coupons to intrigue the customers, and much more. With Shopify Pages, you can add all these to your product page to make it stand out, and convert your visitors into paying customers.

2) Collection Pages

Collection pages are a place where you organize all the categories of your products. It’s an important page as well as it gives an overview of your products to your customers. With Shopify Collection Pages, you can customize the appearance of your collection page to make it fit your brand. You can also customize the way products are shown and adjust the spacing and organization of the collection.

3) Home Pages

Your home page is the most important part of your Shopify store. If this page doesn’t look and feel good, your potential customers will not bother navigating further on your site. With our Shopify Home Page, you can build and customize a home page that gets the most love and attention in terms of personalization and on-brand look and feel.

4) Password Pages

Whenever a new Shopify store is created, it is automatically password-protected. When someone accesses your store URL, they will be greeted with the Password Page. With Shopify Password Pages, you can customize this page by including email subscription forms, offers, incentives, or countdown timers so that visitors can look forward to when your store opens up.

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